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Al GibsonAl Gibson is a journalist and writer based in England who has some 30 years experience in media and publishing both in Southern Africa and the UK. He has worked for GOD TV since 2002 assisting the global television network with its communications needs; is the author of two biographies; many magazine articles; and is an active online contributor.

Al was born in Zimbabwe in 1962 and graduated from Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa with a Bachelor of Journalism and Media Studies degree in 1984. His first job was working as a student reporter for The Herald newspaper in Harare and after graduating he worked as a sub editor for the Rand Daily Mail in Johannesburg.

He attended Rhema Bible Training Centre in Johannesburg in 1994 and for 17 years worked in publishing in South Africa across a broad spectrum of titles, from Homes and Gardens to ComputerWeek, Engineering News and Marketing Mix. Al started an Editing and Design business in 1990 and for 10 years specialised in newsletter production and magazine editing. He moved to the UK in 2001 and joined GOD TV editing a monthly TV Guide that was produced in different regions and translated into various languages, with a combined global circulation of 150,000.

In three decades in the media, Al has interviewed and written about many well known leaders, asking what has been key to their success, and how they have overcome the hurdles that have stood in their way. A born encourager, Al is always looking to exhort others, particularly through the power of personal testimony.

While on assignment for GOD TV in South Africa in 2006, Al met Des Sinclair, an evangelist from New Zealand and was amazed at the dangers he had overcome during his travels in Africa. Al subsequently wrote the book, ‘Life On The Line’ – the Biography of Des Sinclair.

Al met Annie Chikhwaza at the Zimbabwe border post in 2006 and later visited the Kondanani Children’s Village in 2012. He was amazed to see all Annie has accomplished at the orphanage and shared her heart-rending story in ‘Mother of Malawi’ – the Biography of Annie Chikhwaza.

Al is married with six children and lives in Exeter, where he continues to work as Global Communications Officer for GOD TV. An avid reader in his spare time, he likes to review books that he feels can make a difference in people’s lives.

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