Annie Chikhwaza on SABC

During one of her trips to South Africa, Annie Chikhwaza was interviewed on Life 24/7, a magazine programme on SABC television hosted by Kim McFarlane.

“I’ve interviewed many amazing people over my years on Christian TV,” said Kim on Instagram, “But this interview blew me away. #MotherOfMalawi ┬áher new book! She lives to tell the tale. Buy her book from a CUM bookstore. It’ll change the way you see life. Courage on a whole notha level!”

Viewer response to the programme included: “Annie’s work is amazing. I was lucky enough to visit Kondanani in Malawi.”

Thanks to Andrew Timm of ATTV the producers of Life 24/7 for covering Annie’s biography on South African television.

Annie Chikhwaza with Kim McFarlane.

Annie Chikhwaza with Kim McFarlane.

Annie on SABC


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