Life on the Line – Biography of Des Sinclair 11

When you are prepared to give up everything for God, He will show up in your life in ways you cannot imagine!

International evangelists Dr Desmond and Roslynn Sinclair live their lives to the full, not scared of dying for what they believe and for the miracle-working God they serve.

At the age of eleven a gun was pointed to Des’s head because he dared to talk about Jesus to a drug-crazed gangster, but the trigger misfired three times. He has been hijacked, imprisoned, tortured, beaten and left for dead, yet God supernaturally intervened to preserve his life.

Today he and his wife Ros travel the world, challenging the Body of Christ to overcome their fears and stand unwaveringly in their faith in God. They are a couple who have laid everything they have on the line for God, and He has taken their lives and made them a life-line to the nations.

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