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1 Billion Reasons To End Abortion

Over one billion babies have now been killed worldwide, The Christian Institute reports, quoting statistics from the Global Life Campaign (GLC) which describes abortion as “the greatest genocide in history.” That’s one billion lives lost and one billion reasons to end abortion. That’s why I often write about the subject, because […]

Read Al Gibson’s latest GOD TV Blog posts 2

GOD TV has just launched a brand new blog which is a really useful resource to gain a Christian perspective on the latest news, discuss today’s pressing issues and see what’s trending in the world.  Click to visit the GOD TV blog and read about a wide range of topics including titles like: ‘Tips to make 2017 […]

Al Gibson on Hope FM Breakfast Sandwich

Al Gibson speaks to Kevin Potter, Station Manager of Hope FM Radio in Bournemouth about his work in global media as Communications Officer of GOD TV and the two biographies he has written, Life On The Line and Mother of Malawi. As part of the Hope FM Breakfast Sandwich, Al […]

Annie Chikhwaza – Celebrating 70 Years 1

‘Mother of Malawi’ Annie Chikhwaza has a significant milestone in her life next Monday, 26th May 2014. Please share your birthday greetings for Kondanani’s ‘Mayi’ (Mother) who pours out her life so selflessly at the Children’s Village. We will collate all your greetings and present them to her on Monday […]

Meet 1 of my faith heroes: Reinhard Bonnke

A good thing about being 50+ is that you begin to have a degree of perspective about the places you’ve been and the people who have impacted your life. When you’ve been around awhile, you have a long-term sense of who’s the real deal, because you have witnessed them standing […]

A unique insight into Mandela’s legacy!

What can one say to add to the heartfelt accolades of the world’s statesmen and cries of mourners of all different backgrounds in South Africa and across the globe? So many eminent voices including President Obama and David Cameron have given such eloquent inspirational messages of acknowledgement and hope. What […]

A work in progress…

  How exciting, my first blog post for my new site. A test really to ensure the site menu works correctly. Thanks to the Internet Superhighway which was in its infancy when I started out in journalism, I can now write, edit and publish globally within minutes. Really amazing especially […]