GOD TV Facebook Page Q&A with Al Gibson

How long have you been working for GOD TV? Since 1 March 2002 when I was officially appointed as communications officer. What a privilege to have been able to devote over a decade of my life to this life-changing ministry which is impacting the globe. When I joined GOD TV […]

3-IN-1The Voice Interview with Al Gibson

Q: Al you were born in Africa and worked as a journalist after graduating, but always wanted to write about Christian material. How did you make the transition into Christian writing? A: Yes I started my journalistic career working as a sub editor for a South African newspaper, but always […]

Meet 1 of my faith heroes: Reinhard Bonnke

A good thing about being 50+ is that you begin to have a degree of perspective about the places you’ve been and the people who have impacted your life. When you’ve been around awhile, you have a long-term sense of who’s the real deal, because you have witnessed them standing […]

Colin Dye – KT, London 1

The leader of Kensington Temple, one of London’s fastest growing churches, Colin Dye believes that the Church and Christian media are in a vital partnership to reach the nations and equip believers to fulfil their calling. Al Gibson chatted to him at Kensington Temple (KT). AG: You have ministered in […]

John Bevere – a messenger from God!

Popular Christian leader and conference speaker, John Bevere and his wife Lisa, have been in ministry together since 1990 and today lead Messenger International, a multi-faceted international outreach that includes a weekly programme on GOD TV. Both John & Lisa are best-selling authors and live in Colorado with their four […]

CFaN’s Reinhard Bonnke shares vital keys to effective evangelism 4

Al Gibson has tracked the ministry of Christ For All Nations (CFaN) for many years, first as a young man attending Reinhard Bonnke crusade meetings and conferences in Africa to a recent Fire Conference at the NEC in Birmingham, UK. He has always been inspired by Reinhard’s passion for Jesus […]