Al Gibson is an internationally published author of three biographies and has ghost written books and ebooks.


Blogs Al writes for include Devon Business, GOD TV, International Christian, UK Christian and US Christian.


Al heads up Countdown Creative Ltd, which specialises in helping individuals and organisations grow their following.

Jane Langham

Al Gibson has an amazing abilty as an author to captive events and experiences and relate them with the same passion as they were told to him. He causes events to spring to life that enthralls and captivates the reader. I highly recommend his work!

CTN Southwest
CTN Southwest

Al, the website you have created for us has gone from brilliant to absolutely superlative! It looks really good and has such clever functionality. Can’t wait to send out the link.

Don BothamMedia Consultant / TV Producer

I recommend Al Gibson because he is a communications professional that operates with integrity and passion in television and print media.

David MelvillFinancial Consultant

Alistair produced a fine monthly magazine for the East London Chamber of Commerce. It was always a pleasure working with Alistair, he is a credit to his profession.

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