1 Billion Reasons To End Abortion

Over one billion babies have now been killed worldwide, The Christian Institute reports, quoting statistics from the Global Life Campaign (GLC) which describes abortion as “the greatest genocide in history.”

That’s one billion lives lost and one billion reasons to end abortion. That’s why I often write about the subject, because I think every Bible-believing Christian should make a stand to end what GLC has termed “the greatest deliberate slaughter of human beings in history, far exceeding all wars”.

End Abortion - "We are the Pro-Life Generation."
The 2013 March for Life, Washington, D.C.
Photo Credit: American Life League. 

Condemning abortion outright in today’s politically correct world doesn’t always win friends, however, there’s a new generation arising that is Pro-Life and we should take courage from that. And, I am amazed at how creative this new generation is, coming up with clever messaging that causes people to think.

“Unborn rights for Unborn Women”, is one of the best slogans I’ve heard, also the hashtag #UnplannedParenthood sharing the testimonies of children who have survived to tell their story despite Planned Parenthood’s scheme to ‘plan’ them out of existence.

My latest blog post attempts to reach out to people who are sitting on the fence with regard to abortion… observing that God is Both Pro-Choice and Pro-Life. Please read this and join in the discussion. Every recommend, like or share helps make a stand for what is right.

I have also written an article about the ending of abortion as being as impossible as man landing on the moon.  We once thought it could never be done, now we are aiming for Mars. Read One small step for a President, one giant leap towards saving mankind.

Two of the biographies I’ve written about people who’ve overcome great obstacles include chapters on abortion. Annie Chikhwaza, who has come to be known as ‘Mother of Malawi’ believes adoption is the solution. “The Lord is the protector of the innocent, those who cannot fight for themselves, the unborn – and so must we be,” she says.

On the other hand, Des Sinclair offers hope for women who’ve had abortions. In a heavenly vision recorded in ‘Life On The Line’, he talks about God’s heavenly nursery. “The woman realised the child she’d mourned had not been terminated as she had thought but was now fully grown. God had forgiven her and she and her son had eternity to catch up,” he says.

It’s time to take a stand

The GLC Report is a compilation of data from over 100 countries, reaching back as far as 1920 when abortion was first legalised in the former Soviet Union. This means the 1 billion abortions it refers to have taken place in the past 100 years. How will the next 100 years fare if we don’t do something to stop the carnage?

If you value life please read, like, share:
God is Both Pro-Choice and Pro-Life and / or Will we see an end to abortion in our time?

You can use the following hashtags to gain the greatest exposure:

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#ProLife #prolifepetitions #prolifegen #prolifeyouth #unplannedparenthood #defundplannedparenthood

Most used #ProChoice hashtags

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