The biography of Annie Chikhwaza will inspire you to go further in your life journey than ever before. As you read Mother of Malawi you will be amazed at how you too can overcome the most challenging of obstacles.

DSC05690_2Annie Chikhwaza was brutally attacked and left for dead but she overcame hatred with love and the result is Kondanani Children’s Village – an “oasis of love” that she and her late husband Lewis Chikhwaza, founded in Malawi in 1998. Since then, hundreds of lives have been saved in this nation that has a million orphans and Kondanani continues to offer hope to a new generation of African leaders.


Kondanani means ‘Love One Another’ and Annie lives this out daily. Her story is one of victory over defeat and forgiveness over injustice. Suffering has been no stranger to her. She knows the pain of abuse, self-harming and depression. Her first husband mistreated her and she survived the trauma of divorce. She knows the threat of having children removed and the anguish of dealing with abortion. Lewis’ family cruelly rejected her, she was falsely accused, attacked and her life lay hanging in the balance. It took months for her to heal, but she knew the power of forgiveness.

Throughout her life Annie has reached out from her own pain to comfort others. Now even in widowhood, she continues to build a brighter future for the children in her care.

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  1. Live changing story. Would like to contact Annie and possibly visit her orphanage in the future

    1. Thanks for your feedback. You can e-mail Annie at

  2. Amazing and inspirational work you are doing. We bless the Lord for people like you, allowing yourselves to be vessels of honor and bring love to those who are orphaned and vulnerable. God willing, would love to visit.

  3. Wow awe some and inspiring! May our Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless you!

  4. How can I get the hard copy in Malawi?

    1. you can get a copy from Kondanani Children’s Village. email

  5. An amazingly inspiring biography, which I shall be recommending.

  6. What a truly amazing women! Annie Chikhwaza is truly a pure good lady. She came to South Africa now (2018) for Easter and took time to visit a pensioner, my father Jose’ Fernandes in a small place called Fochville. My dad first saw Annie on God’s tv. He was amazed by all the good this wonder lady has done with all the trials life has put in her path. Annie truly hit my breath away, by her kindness…. I never thought The Mother of Malawi would come to fochville and visit my dad! I really want to encourage anyone to go and buy Annie’s book: Mother of Malawi. Read up about this great women and her journey in life… makes me think have I lived my life? Have I truly helped anyone? Put others first? Did my part? Words for thought…..

  7. I have just finished the book , Mother of Malawi. I found this book so inspirational, just felt I was
    Living the story. My husband and I started going to Zambia with mission teams first In 1998. All the yrs you were talking about came alive for me. What an amazing lady you are Annie, God certainly has been with you in all those years. We resigned in 2015 but hope to visit again next yr. would love to visit Kondanani.

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