Colin Dye, the Lead Pastor of Kensington Temple in London, an Elim Church
Colin Dye, the lead Pastor of Kensington Temple in London, an Elim Church

The leader of Kensington Temple, one of London’s fastest growing churches, Colin Dye believes that the Church and Christian media are in a vital partnership to reach the nations and equip believers to fulfil their calling. Al Gibson chatted to him at Kensington Temple (KT).

AG: You have ministered in London for many years, what message has God given you for this city and the UK?

Colin Dye: As the prophet Isaiah said, “All flesh is as grass, the flower fades and falls away but God’s Word endures forever.” Many people in Britain have rejected the word of God but it is time for the Church of Jesus Christ to arise, live and proclaim God’s Word and see this nation turn back to Him. When people turn away from the Lord, they create a vacuum which is filled by anything. As GK Chesterton said, “When you stop believing in God you don’t end up believing in nothing but in anything.” Enough is enough, this country needs to come back to God!

Secular humanism does not meet the need of the human heart and that is why there is a fresh hunger among people for God. It is not true that the Christian faith is finished.”

AG: So there is still hope for the British Isles…

CD: Yes! But the Church has to return to making, maturing and mobilising disciples. There is a definite residual commitment to Christianity in Britain. Our challenge is to connect with these people, awaken their faith and get them back into the serving the Lord with their whole hearts. This is something GOD TV has succeeded in so well, by taking the Gospel into the homes of those who do not go to church and of course blessing those who do.

Secular humanism does not meet the need of the human heart and that is why there is a fresh hunger among people for God. It is not true that the Christian faith is finished – in the 2001 census 71.6% of people claimed to be Christians, which shows the vast majority of people still have some allegiance to Christianity. Christian television is not an alternative to church but it does reach those who don’t attend. There is therefore a vital partnership between Christian broadcasters and the local church to reach the lost and bring them to maturity.

AG: What is KT’s strategy as a local church?

CD: We reach out to all parts of the community and are seeing many saved in our cells because we are committed to people and seeing them fulfil their calling. The Church of the 21st Century needs to have a cell vision to mobilise in these Last Days as it is such an effective tool to equip believers for practical ministry.

How do you feel about the rapid growth of Christian TV in the UK?

Starting with the apostolic breakthrough that came with GOD TV, the growth of Christian television has been one of the most significant spiritual developments of the 20th Century. Christian broadcasting has multiplied since 1995 when what was known as the Christian Channel Europe was birthed. Of course, now known as GOD TV, it has exploded all over the world providing a 21st Century platform for diverse ministry. Unfortunately, the same challenge that faced us then, remains today – that Christian broadcasters are not respected by the world as our values-based programming goes against the spirit of the age. Nevertheless we have to get God’s truth to ordinary people.

AG: Can Christian TV play a role in discipleship?

CD: Definitely, television is a tremendous tool for the Gospel. We see the great crusades where thousands come to Christ, the danger is that the harvest is not properly discipled and Christian television can ensure that these converts come to maturity. GOD TV is a television Bible school where people can receive systematic teaching in their homes giving them a thorough understanding of the scriptures.

Pastor Colin Dye
Pastor Colin Dye

AG: Family relationships are an important part of discipleship, how does one balance marriage and ministry?

CD: We have to put Christ first, then marriage and family because everything begins in the home and successful ministry and work stems from there. As Christians we also have to practise what we preach and be the example not the exception. KT has many discipleship and marriage preparation courses because we believe prevention is better than cure. One has to find wholeness in Christ, while still single and become a complete person before you go into marriage.

AG: KT is apart of Elim, how important is discipleship to the denomination?

CD: Our vision at Elim is to build bigger people. We are not statistics orientated… we are people orientated. We believe in growing people, forming Christ in them, so they can rise up to fulfil their calling. Jesus said He would build His Church, our job is to make disciples! Elim is flourishing and our General Superintendent, John Glass has a tremendous apostolic ministry, even so, we believe we are living in the days of the saints. The five-fold ministries are simply there to build up the saints for ministry in the marketplace. We are living in exciting times, Jesus is pouring out His Spirit and we need to remain faithful because He is coming soon!


  1. That is true my fellow servant of our good God,enough is enough
    if some one deos not believe our good God,that believes anything.
    (am from Africa(malawi).
    Blessings to you

  2. Amazing Leader, Colin Dye.
    Dedicated to mobilising, mentoring and maturing the Body of Christ to its full potential.

    Totally dedicated and committed to God’s Calling on his life as Senior Pastor, Apostle and evangelist to encourage and exhort the Body of Christ ‘ as the Day approaches, and the saving of souls and discipleship.

    Amazing man of God dedicated to prayer and intercession, compassionate, soft-hearted, great knowledge, wisdom and understanding, strong in the Word and in the Power of God’s Might!

    It has been a great priviledge for me to have served under Pastor Colin at Kensington Temple, as a member, Bible School student and leader for over 23 years.

    Thank you, Pastor Colin for all your prayers and intercession for me over the years. God is a Good God!
    Stay Richly Blessed in Him

  3. Hello please I am desperate looking for a book
    Title the word of God in my mouth by Collin Dye
    I read this book 13 years ago and my life was never the same again
    Please where can I purchase the hard copy of this book?
    I have searched in Amazon and Christian book stores
    Thank you in advance for your response

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