Des preaching 3Life on the Line by Al Gibson is a collection of stories from the life of New Zealand Evangelist Des Sinclair, tracing his travels through Africa and further afield, and bringing to life low points when he has been abducted, sentenced to death, tortured, hi-jacked and left for dead because of his bold preaching. Yet, how God intervened each time to save him and give him and his wife an incredible testimony of the miraculous.

What makes this story so amazing is Des’ humble beginnings as a young boy being thrown out of his home in New Zealand by his dad and forced to rely totally on his Heavenly Father who took Him under His wing. He could easily have cursed God and gone his own way but instead he has spent his whole life pursuing God and preaching the Gospel. The result has been phenomenal.

The book reveals Des and his wife Ros, not as Bible heroes, but in an honest, down-to-earth way, as ordinary people serving an extraordinary God – people who make mistakes and still have struggles to deal with, but how they rely totally on God. Ros also contributes to this extraordinary story with a woman’s take on life in the ministry and shares some of her deepest spiritual encounters, adding to the narrative through songs and poems she has written.

The selection of stories is backed up with scripture references throughout as well as four inspiring chapters which focus on a supernatural experience Des encountered when God took him to Heaven and Hell and showed him many startling things. These are recorded in the book in a vision of Heaven, and of hell.

Life On The Line is not intended as an exhaustive biography but as a real life testimony that glorifies God, helping people to overcome fear and build their faith, and concludes with chapters that ask the reader what they would set out to do for God if they were not afraid – stressing that they are immortal until God’s will for their lives is completed.

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