“Stories of great drama and victory in the name of Jesus are balanced by glimpses into the humanity of this man of God, I can heartily recommend the book to anyone who is interested in learning more about how the God of the Bible is operating through his committed followers in the world today.” – Val Viljoen, Gateway News.

Read Val Viljoen’s Complete Review of Life On The Line at Gateway News, March 2014.


“I have read more than a thousand books, but nothing moved me more powerfully than Life on the Line. The life story of Dr Des Sinclair and his wife Ros demonstrates to me that what we read of in the book of Acts is still alive and just as applicable 2000 years on. I found this book to be a faith-filled look at what God is doing today in the lives of his children, and what can take place for the average believer if they are prepared to put their lives on the line for Jesus! You can’t afford to miss this life-changing book written in user-friendly words. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and congratulate a good friend and brother in Christ, Dr Des Sinclair, a good man with great practical advice!”
– Prof J Potgieter, DD, PhD. (Professor at Trinity/ Therapon universities, USA)

“Life on the Line has held me riveted and amazed at the goodness and love of our miracle-working God. I have heard these stories from the life of Des and Ros Sinclair before; but Al Gibson has brought them alive in an amazing way. Written in an easy to read and ‘can’t put down’ style, I love the way the stories are paralleled by verses in scripture which enhance the impact even more. I hear the Lord say this book will enjoy a world-wide distribution for the strengthening of the Body of Christ and will inspire readers to reach higher heights for the Lord, no matter what the cost. As you read, your faith will be raised to new levels to believe for the miraculous and the manifestation of signs and wonders following the preaching of the Gospel. I believe Life on the Line will bring multitudes into the Kingdom.”
– Linda Shutte, Mondeor Baptist Church, Prison Ministry, South Africa.

“Life on the Line is a uniquely presented testimony to the goodness of God. Written in a manner that appeals to a broad spectrum of readers, from new converts to the mature believers, this account of the lives of Des and Ros Sinclair bears testimony of what it means to take up the Cross. Not only is the power and faithfulness of God accurately portrayed, but simultaneously, the harshness of the missionfield, which has a tempering effect on the often perceived romanticism of ministry. The book is easy to read, ensuring that concise testimony, principle and confirmation from God’s Word is set out in bite size portions for the reader to absorb.

“These confirmed accounts of the Sinclair’s lives will add much value to the call to extend the Kingdom, bringing enhanced understanding of the missionfield and discipleship in general, as well as practical application of the promises that follow the call of God. During my twenty-five year walk with God as businessman and pastor, I have read more books than I can remember. Seldom has a book gripped my attention as much as this one. Only a sound sense of time management prevented me from reading it through the night, the first time I opened it.”
– Raymond Fuchs, (B Prod) (DIP APP) (NDPV), South Africa