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‘Sometimes you’ve got to stir up the water!’ – The Chosen continues to make waves worldwide ~~~

‘Get used to different’ is one of the key messages from the epic series about the life of Jesus that everyone is raving about. The brainchild of Dallas Jenkins, The Chosen invites viewers to ‘binge watch’ the Gospel. Season 1 has already been seen by millions and Season 2 is being rolled out right now.

Different the Chosen is in every way. It’s not what one expects from a supposedly religious television show and perhaps that’s why it has such far-reaching appeal. Religious, The Chosen isn’t. It shows a human side of Jesus that many may have never seen before. And it encourages viewers to connect with God in a very personal way. It also provides fascinating glimpses into the relationships Jesus has with people of all ages and backgrounds, men women and children.

Rather than focusing exclusively on the central role of Jesus, the Chosen One, the series highlights the lives He touched. It also captures how revolutionary Jesus was for His time on earth, going against religious tradition and reaching out to those that ‘respectable society’, even today, may shun.

This inspires us as believers to go against the flow of all who would silence the truth of God’s Word in the world today. We know that religion is man’s quest to find God, while Christianity is God reaching down to man. Religion is rules and regulations, Christianity is relationship.

The Chosen captures the life-transforming relationships Jesus had with His followers, both men and women and the importance of children.

The Chosen is all about relationships, challenging viewers to enter into an intimate relationship with God. “Come and see”, is the invitation not to be refused. Watch the series and encounter Jesus with new perspective. “”I was one way…” – Discover how Jesus transforms lives. See how He invites you to go against peer pressure from those who say there is no God. Take up His challenge to go further with God and perhaps even walk on the water!

The Chosen is different, even in the way it can be watched. Crowd funded by ordinary believers across the globe who are ‘paying it forward’ it is mainly available via the Chosen App. This means it can be streamed freely on phones and tablets. Fortunately, I was able to watch it on my TV via mirroring my iphone via Apple TV. This sure is a different way to watch TV. I’m loving getting used to different!

Actor, Jonathan Roumie as Jesus in the Chosen. With visonary director and creative media evangelisst, Dallas Jenkins.

‘Sometimes you’ve got to stir up the water’

“‘Sometimes you’ve got to stir up the water!” These are the words of Jesus as played by the actor, Jonathan Roumie in Series 2, Episode 4. For me, they kind of encompass everything that The Chosen is about. When asked why Jesus healed on the Sabbath, opening himself up to the criticism of religious leaders, this is the answer he gives. I am so glad Jesus stirred up the water and He continues to do so in many, many different ways.

The true test of any series based on the Bible is whether it parallels the authenticity of the Sciptures. The Chosen uses plenty of creative licence as it weaves in an exciting back story, but it remains true to God’s Word. Such creative evangelism is to highly commendable. Not only does The Chosen capture the true sense of the Gospel but also explains some things that are misunderstood.

For example in the story about the disabled man at the Pool of Bethesda, I always wondered what the force behind the stirring of the waters. It never sounded kosher to me. In this amazing dramatisation we get some answers. The lame man was so desperate to be healed he was relying on other sources of power, not God. What He needed was to look to God for healing and nowhere else. This challenges the way many see healing today, with so many forms of false healing on offer. The simple message is – look to Jesus. Let him stir up your life. Let him help you to go against the current, and as your faith grows, let Him help you to walk on water.

The Chosen 2 Trailer

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