Des Sinclair’s visions of Heaven and Hell are contained in his biography, Life On The Line in four of the chapters, which deal with his near death experience, as a young man in New Zealand.

• Is This What Heaven is Like? – Heaven (Part 1)
• Dying is Easy, Living is the Challenge – Heaven (Part 2)
• The Blood of the Martyrs Cries Out – Heaven (Part 3) and Hell and
• Look Who is Cheering Us On – Heaven (Part 4)

An extract from Part 1 – Is this what Heaven is Like?

It was obvious Des was going into cardiac arrest. ‘What are you doing to me? Be careful!’ he cried out to the doctors, but nobody could hear him. They kept clamping his chest, but to no avail, and the heart monitor continued to flat-line. The emergency medical team tried to revive Des again and again, but there was still no movement on the monitor.

‘What should I put down as the time of death?’ a doctor officiously asked.

In a flash, a beam of light encompassed Des, and a huge pair of hands pulled him up into a tunnel that was so bright, he could hardly keep his eyes open. In a split second he was taken from one place to another, yet there was no fear, just an overwhelming sense of peace and belonging.

Des was overawed by the array of colours emblazoned upon the sky as he passed through the clouds. There against this extraordinary backdrop, was a huge doorway, guarded by a colossal statue on either side. They looked like great lions, yet each had six wings. It seemed they were made out of stone, grey and serene, but they were alive, with piercing eyes all over them like rubies.

As a pathway unfolded beneath Des’s feet, he looked down on a cobbled road. Yet these were no ordinary bricks – they shone with a golden brilliance, and they somehow seemed to pull him in the direction he needed to be going.

As he came nearer the doorway, it was as if the massive monuments suddenly came alive and turned their heads towards him to scrutinise him carefully. It was as though every one of their piercing eyes was focused on him, like countless laser beams.
As Des passed, these living creatures looked straight through him, piercing into the very core of his being, recognising his Spirit man and discerning his right to be there.

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