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1. The sentence is death!
“You have blasphemed Allah – Now you must die.” West Africa.

In this exciting first chapter, the extraordinary ministry of Des Sinclair is introduced to the reader, kicking off with a riveting account of how God took this enterprising young evangelist into the very clutches of militant Islam, where he was forced to put his life on the line for the Gospel. His choice – curse Jesus or die!

2. Come back here and I’ll kill you
“Get out, you’re no son of mine and if you come back I’ll shoot you.” New Zealand.

Having established the extent of Des’ ministry, chapter 2 reveals his roots – sharing the heartbreaking story of how he was rejected by his earthly father, yet embraced by His wonderful Heavenly Father. Even at a young age, the evil one had a plan to wipe Des out, and a gun held to his head misfired three times.

3. The God who answers with fire
“If the Lord is God, follow Him; but if Baal, follow him.” – West Africa.

Chapter 3 returns to West Africa, for another episode in Des’ quest to preach the Gospel in the face of hostile religious fundamentalists. The young evangelist is put on the spot with another ultimatum, he has to put his faith out for the impossible or once again face death. Only God can resolve this situation and He does by raising the dead.

4. A bright light in the darkness
“You shall be called the Repairer of the Breach.” – New Zealand / South Africa.

The narrative returns to the present day, further establishing the reach of Des & Ros’ ministry and their calling to reach out to the hurting, helping rebuild broken lives. Their early history as a couple is revealed, how the Lord called them to Africa and how they established Life Evangelism International a dynamic outreach based in South Africa which is seeing multiple salvations and miracles of healing.

5. Is this what Heaven is like?
New Zealand. Heaven (Part 1)

During the early years of his ministry, while still in New Zealand Des had a near death encounter, which was to deeply affect his life. In this extraordinary out of the body experience, the Lord gave him a divine revelation of heaven, and of hell, which was to revolutionise his ministry. This supernatural experience is a thread that is woven throughout the book, giving a clear insight into the prophetic.

6. What will you die for?
“Are you prepared to die for the truth or will you deny Me?” West Africa.

7. I’m a dead man
Ghana, West Africa.

In these two chapters more of Des’ adventures in West Africa are recorded, including his run in with false prophets who put a bounty on his head. It seems death threats are an everyday occurrence for the young evangelist who has a difficult choice to make. Will He make a compromise and stay alive or stand against a group of evil men and risk death? The Lord gives Des a divine strategy to cope in the face of the battle.

8. Pressing on towards the mark

Chapter 8 regresses back to Des’ years in Australia where he was once the pastor of a large church and everything was going wonderfully. Then, all of a sudden his hopes and dreams were completely smashed when disaster struck and Des was faced with a situation he could easily have never recovered from. His heart was filled with hatred, how could he serve God now?

9. Dying is easy, living is the challenge!
Heaven (Part 2)`

The supernatural revelation of Heaven continues… This is an inspiring chapter which continues to give the reader insight into God’s prophetic call on a person’s life, challenging the reader not to be afraid of, or preoccupied with, dying for God – but to rather put all their efforts into living for Him with all of their strength.

10. You better talk… or die!
“Tell us what we want to know or we will kill you.” Angola / South Africa.

While on an evangelistic mission to the South West African country of Angola, Des was taken captive by merciless ‘freedom fighters’ who tortured him daily and almost left him for dead. But God was there to pick up Des’ feeble frame and supernaturally heal his broken back. An astounding testimony!

11. Back to the rubbish dump
“You shall build the old waste places…”
Kenya, East Africa.

It is amazing how life often brings echoes of what we have previously been through. Des was once a castaway on a rubbish dump in New Zealand, now the Lord uses him to impact the lives of people living on the margins of society in Kenya. This chapter records Des and Ros’s time in this East African country and how the Lord used them to bring healing and reconciliation in a war torn area.

12. There’s a better way
“The restorers of streets to dwell in…”
South Africa

Crime is out of control in South Africa where the Sinclair’s ministry is based. This chapter tells the incredible story of how Des was hi-jacked and robbed, but how God intervened to save his life and vehicle and how the Lord engineered a remarkable reunion with Des and his hi-jackers one eventful day in prison. This chapter also deals with racism and how the Lord used Des to combat apartheid in South Africa.

13. A fate worse than death…
To live life without not having really lived… to live life afraid. South Africa/Mozambique

During the year 2000, Mozambique experienced terrible flooding and was in desperate need of foreign aid. Disheartened by the plight of the people, Des volunteered to drive a truck over highly dangerous roads to deliver food and clothing. Landmines went off behind him but yet his vehicle kept moving. This is a vivid demonstration to the reader that there is nothing more exciting than living on the edge for God.

14. The blood of the martyrs cries out
Heaven (Part 3) + Hell

Des shares more of his revelation of Heaven including what happens to babies who have been aborted and provides a shocking account of how God took him to hell, an experience which has given him a tremendous sense of urgency to reach the lost.

15. You will stand before kings
South America

This chapter shares one of the most profound experiences a minister of the Gospel could envisage. Des comes face to face with the president of major South American nation to make a stand for the Gospel in the face of ridicule and persecution and to secure the freedom of Christians to continue witnessing in the face of enormous opposition. As this leader is still in power, we cannot publicly identify him.

16. Behold, I give you power…
“To tread on serpents and overcome all the works of the enemy.”
Zimbabwe/ Nigeria

Des and Ros visit Zimbabwe where Des is bitten by a black mamba, one of Africa’s deadliest snakes. Satan has tried to stop Ros and her family from reaching this country for Jesus before, but nothing will stop them now. In Nigeria, Des confronts witchcraft of the highest order. An exciting chapter, which underlines the authority believers have in the name of Jesus.

17. God’s Grace is sufficient.
South Africa

Overcoming death and impossible situations may be commonplace in Des’s life, but there is something which brings him down to earth everyday. In this chapter, he candidly shares how he has to rely on the Lord daily to overcome a serious medical condition. He stresses that he and Ros are ordinary people who are nothing special and how important it is to be totally reliant on God’s grace.

18. Look who is cheering us on!
“Since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses… let us run the race with endurance.” Heaven (Part 4)

An extremely encouraging chapter which shows how we are not alone in all we do to serve God. In this chapter, Life on the Line records how Des receives heavenly advice from Biblical figures who have impacted His life in one way or another. The concludes Des’ heavenly experience and is a highly motivational call for believers to step out of the boat and walk on the water.

19. Holding out the Word of Life
Life Evangelism International. South Africa

A final glimpse into what the Sinclair’s ministry is achieving, especially in combating crime and reaching out to the lost. The message to the reader is clear… “You too can spread the fragrance of the knowledge of Christ wherever you go. God will give you the victory in your life, helping you to overcome all fear, and go places you never thought possible. The world is in chains and we have been given the keys to unlock these.”

20. You are immortal until the Will of God for your life is fulfilled.

What the Lord has done for the Sinclairs, He can do for every reader. “Whatever He has called you to do, though it may sound impossible, He will take to completion. No devil, no demon can stand in our way or finish us off until we have fulfilled our divine destiny. Will you follow in the footsteps of Des & Ros Sinclair? Will you put your life on the line and become a life-line to others?”


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        You can also order a hard copy from CUM Books.

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