Q: Al you were born in Africa and worked as a journalist after graduating, but always wanted to write about Christian material. How did you make the transition into Christian writing?

A: Yes I started my journalistic career working as a sub editor for a South African newspaper, but always wanted to publish God’s works. I believe God is raising up a new breed of communicators. I started a editing and design business, which was aimed at financing Christian magazines and Church newsletters. Then God brought me to GOD TV and it’??s been a privilege to serve Him there for the past 12 years. It is wonderful to witness how God touches people’s lives through GOD TV and to hear the testimonies of viewers. As a Christian writer I fast and pray before I write a book – that way God can empower me to do what I have been called to do.

Q: What’s the difference between regular writing and the scribe-anointed writer?

A: I believe that God gives everybody gifts whether they are believers or not, but we should use our gifts to glorify God. The world is full of brilliant writers but the difference with the scribe-anointed writer is that he/she has the ability to uplift and encourage readers and impact their eternal destiny. They also have the ability to communicate in creative ways, even in parables like Jesus did, where their writing always has a deeper meaning. When you read it, you feel it.

Q: You have conducted interviews with personalities including: TD Jakes, Creflo Dollar and Reinhard Bonnke to name a few. Is there one predominant factor that comes across whenever you are interviewing these people?

A: It’s a privilege to be able to interview Christian leaders and I’m always inspired by their humility and how ordinary they are when you meet them. When I interviewed Creflo Dollar I began by calling him ‘Sir’ as I wanted to show respect for him, however, he then started to call me ‘??Sir’! These are ordinary people in one sense but they do carry the presence of God and we should respect that. I am also impressed by their resilience and how they keep standing on the Word. TD Jakes has an awesome focus on faith and is a gifted communicator and I love Reinhard Bonnke’s passion for evangelism.

Q: So tell me Al how did you come to meet Des & Ros Sinclair and how did the book ‘Life on the Line’?? come about?

A: I went out to South Africa with no intention of writing a book – ?? God just caused it to fall into place, but throughout, it was a project birthed in prayer. My wife’??s friend, Linda Shutte, who is an intercessor, introduced me to the Sinclairs because she believed their story needed to be told. I agreed, and Linda and her intercessory team prayed the project through every step of the way. The book took two years to write but God was in the project from day one. It was the days when nothing flowed that were the hardest, learning to push through to breakthrough. Des Sinclair’??s story is really amazing. It made me ask myself if people like Ros & Des are putting their lives on the line for God everyday, what more can I do? And how can we use this story to encourage others? Through the book, their story has now become a lifeline for others!

Q: What is your role within GOD TV and how does being part of such a big vision impact your life?

A: I am GOD TV’s communications officer and it’s wonderful to be part of such a powerful global outreach. The programming is life-changing, prophetic and a modern day fulfilment of God’??s Word going out to all the nations. It is the Great Commission in action. GOD TV broadcasts from Jerusalem telling the world from Zion that the Lord is coming and I love being part of what God is doing worldwide through this ministry.

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