“I recommend Al Gibson because he is a communications professional who operates with integrity and passion in television and print media.” – Don Botham, Independent Broadcast Media Consultant.

Al has an amazing abilty as an author to capture real life experiences and relate them with the same passion as they were told to him. He causes events to spring to life that enthrals the reader. I highly recommend his work! – Jane Langham.

Al is a forward thinking individual and media expert, who has exceptional experience in working with television and print media. As an author, he has an intimate understanding of how to tell stories and how to peice information together for readers and viewers.” – Scott Gould, Pastor, River Church, Plymouth.

“Life On The Line is an absolute gem of a read – I absolutely loved it…. actually read it twice, Des Sinclair’s faith and love in action has been an all-time motivating factor in my own life and ministry for the Kingdom of God! Thank you Al – keep on writing stories/books like this!” – Nicky, South Africa

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