GODTV.com is a forum for discussion of topics of interest to Christians, including news related to GOD TV.

GODTV.com proves popular with readers

GODTV.com receives over a million views each month. Given the phenomenal response over the past few years, readers are regarding it as a go to place for news from a Christian Perspective.

It has also become a popular forum for discussion on topics of interest to people of faith. This is particularly evident across the global network’s combined following of over 10 million across its social media platforms.

Voluntary writers from different nations have become regular contributors to GODTV.com giving it a unique international perspective.

Al Gibson is a regular contributor from the UK. Having worked with GOD TV for 18 years he is knowledgeable about the network’s history, programming, distribution and partnership opportunities.

Al often writes about exciting new developments at GOD TV.  He is also committed to encouraging believers to put their complete trust in God and walk in the victory available to every Christian.

Some of Al’s posts on GODTV.com include:

If you are a writer, why not add your voice to GODTV.com?. GOD TV is constantly looking for new contributors. Find out more about becoming a GOD TV.com contributor.

Click to see all Al’s blog posts on the GOD TV blog.

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About Al GIbson

Communications professional, Al Gibson works in Christian media, writes inspirational biographies and is an active online contributor.

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